Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Just Bought An Aquazinger From Zing Anything!

I am a Pinterest addict! And for months I have been seeing all kinds of pins featuring fruit infused water recipes.  Intrigued, yes? But have I MADE any? Nope not one single recipe!

Now I know the benefits and all that jazz. And I agree. It is a great way to encourage yourself to drink more water while adding some additional benefit of the fruit. All I could imagine is how, well, watered-down it would taste. I just do not do too well with that "essence" of a fruit thing.

The other day, I bit the bullet and bought an Aquazinger. I have been using it for a couple days, and yes my water intake is sooooo much better. My problem? The watered down taste, just as I suspected. 

For now, I am adding a little sugar and loving it. My goal is to be sugar free by the time Summer comes.

So far I have only used clementines and I do have a grapefruit to use.  What fruit combos are your favorites? And how do you adjust to the hint of flavor?

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