Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Diagnosis For Unending Headaches

Yesterday, I went to my neurologist and got very surprising news. Luckily, my EEG and MRI results were normal. At first, I felt devastated by this, but you would need to understand my story to know why that was my reaction.

You see, for 16 years, I have been suffering from debilitating headaches. No one could figure them out. I have had CT Scans, MRI's, and tried more medications than I could list off the top of my head here. We tried the usual Migraine meds, the anti-seizure meds, muscle relaxants, and dietary changes (no gluten). I have been on Fiorecet for 14 years and have build quite the dependency on them. I have also, just learned the difference between dependency and addiction. In my case, thankfully, it was tolerance and dependency!

I would have a headache all day, every day. And in addition, would suffer the debilitating type at least half the month- every single month! For 16 YEARS!

Finally, I realized I could not live this way any longer and decided to see a neurologist. He, of course, ran all the tests. He also did a very thorough symptom check, med check, and medical history. He went through the timeline of my attacks and gave me a diagnosis of persistent, chronic migraine. Essentially, I have been riding the same migraine for all this time.

How on Earth did my doc miss this? Well, apparently it is very easy to miss as it is rare. About 2% of the population actually suffers from this type of migraine. Go figure!

So, the ruling is Botox treatment. I am hoping my medical will cover it. It is quite pricey! And, frankly, we can not afford it if the medical will not cover it.  It is also scary as all heck! 31 injections all around the head, face, and neck every 3 months! However, I know I must at least try.

Has anyone had any experience with Botox treatment associated with chronic migraine?

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