Friday, September 19, 2014

I Thought Pressure Canning Was Faster

As I sit here at 11:00 PM, I am still waiting for the chili I started preparing from scratch at 7 O'Cock to be done in my brand spanking new Pressure Canner! It took me a about an hour and a half to chop, dice, simmer, and all that other jazz. And then the canner.....

You have to heat it up, vent it for 10 minutes, put on the weight, wait for it to rock, regulate the temperature and THEN you get to start timing! In this instance AN HOUR AND A HALF! What? Yeah, you read that right.

I still have 35 minutes left! I am tired. I want to go to bed. Yeah, so I am not a wild and crazy thing up until all hours on a Friday, so what? You probably already figured that out by the fact that I am canning homemade chili on my Friday evening anyway.

My day started at 5:30AM. I walked the track before work and put in my full 8 hours. I went to Target after work.... and then THE CHILI....

I thought this thing worked faster than this! Should have done some major homework. I mean pressure "Cooking" is known for it's time saving qualities, right?

All I can say is this better be some damn fine chili! (OK I know it will be as I always make it this way, but you know what I mean).

I did manage to get some crafting in, so the whole night has not been devoted to the chili!

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