Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Most Intimidating and Exciting Gift Ever! I Have A Pressure Canner!

Last week was my Birthday and hubby surprised me with a pressure canner! I have wanted one for years, but would never spend the money. In my eyes, there was always something we, as a family needed more. Yes, I know, in the long run a pressure canner will save us a bunch, but it was always that initial investment that held me back.  Our income is about half what it was 5 years ago and we do feel the pinch!

I tried a small batch of pears I got free, as hubby's friend has a pear tree. I figured if something went wrong, no big loss.  I will tell you, my heart raced throughout the entire process.  It was not the smashing success, as 2 jars did not set. But, that was my error. I did not leave enough head space and the liquid got on the jar rims. But, nothing blew up either!

I am already planning a huge batch of chili this weekend. I cannot wait.  This is going to be fun! And what  better, more hearty meal in the winter? Plus all we will need to do is grab a jar and heat it. Perfect for when it is my son's night to cook.

Anyone have any hints or fantastic tips for me?

I have read the instruction manual at least 3 times and am scouring Pinterest right now.

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