Monday, September 1, 2014

I Need To Do Better With Meal Planning!

Do you plan your meals for the week? Or are you the super human that can actually pan for the month? I want to be you! I am tired of coming home from work and looking at my son and both of us wondering what the heck is for dinner!

Here is our scenario:

I cook Monday and Wednesday
Jayce cooks Tuesday and Thursday

No one ever thinks ahead as to what we will have that evening. No one thinks to take anything out of the freezer. So we just waste time trying to figure out what sounds good at 5PM every day. Not a good way to eat well rounded meals!

So, how do we start? Well, we are going to need to get together really soon and hash things out. Jayce starts a new semester tomorrow, so having a meal plan will certainly make both of our lives easier!

If anyone has ideas, I am grateful! Keep in mind, I work full time and he goes to school full time. He, nor I are fantastic cooks, but we do not like to eat a bunch of processed foods either.

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