Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Would You Like Some Urine With That Coffee????

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Yeah, you read that one right! This was pretty much how my work day started today.  I am still feeling a bit, I do not know, violated, disgusted, incredulous....

So, here's the story:

A few guys from the IT department asked if they could use my Kuerig as their's was broken. Of course, being a coffee addict, I get the NEED for coffee, so I said of course they could.  Now, I have a machine I purchased myself on a cabinet at my work area.  I am the Receptionist, so obviously, my desk is in a public area.

I opened the lid to the water well to see if it needed for water and the water in it had "stuff" floating. So, thinking it was just because that water had been in there since I left work on Friday, I told them I wanted to run that through and another cupful of fresh water to flush it out.

Imagine my surprise to have a foul, amber yellow liquid in my cup after brewing! This stuff was RANK! My whole office reeked.  And, I knew, I just knew it was URINE! WHAT???????? Yep, smelled like 10 guys decided that the "If it's yellow, let it mellow" rule was a great idea on a 100 degree day with the lid closed, was a great idea! Remember I heated this offal to near 145 degrees by brewing it!


Needless to say, my boss is the HR manager and I called him down to report this. He was not thrilled I saved it for him to smell :)

Well, obviously, I threw the entire machine away! Arghhhhhhhhhh......
Don't worry, work will be replacing it. But how can I trust it there.

I am still trying to process this!  Again, WHO DOES THIS????

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