Saturday, August 3, 2013

Abnormal Mammogram and Following Up

So, last Saturday I had my very first mammogram. Supposed to be easy peasy, booby squeezy and I am done right? Not so fast! First off, I was told that it only hurts if you have smaller breasts. Well, that sonofabitch hurt like a mother on my 36D boobs. I do not think anyone would classify that as a small breast.

Then, Tuesday I get a call while on lunch. Inconsistencies between my 2 breasts, an area on my left breast, nothing to compare it to.... blah, blah..... With every word I am growing colder and shakier. THIS was not the call I had been expecting.

Long and short of it they want me to come back to retest, but "No rush"... When I explain I have another appointment on the 12th and why not schedule for then? The answer I got was "Can't you come in this Friday?" Um, I thought there was no rush! Now I am beyond terrified. What woman wouldn't be?

So, I went yesterday. Another 4 views on the mammogram of just the left breast. Then an ultrasound. Ironically when they told me the left breast, I instinctively knew just where in the breast the "problem" was. Had I been having discomfort and not known it? How could I know the exact area they are focusing on?

Well, even after the ultrasound, there is definitely something there. But they do not know what those 2 spots are. I will need a biopsy now.

I am terrified!

And the hardest part is not calling my mom. I am trying to not worry her, as we just lost my Grampa to cancer last month.

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